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Riley Bathurst who has been with WINERAM Productions LLC for a year now was the creator of our company’s new website you are on right now.  If you like general look and feel, the professionalism of it, or have a need for anything specific or custom when it comes to developing a website professionally feel free to contact us and we can give you a reasonable and cost-effective quote!


  • Responsive Design in 3 saves to cover all spaces
  • Mobile first (general phones) – small
  • Larger phones / tablet size – medium
  • laptop / desktop size – large
  • WordPress – user friendly Content Management System (CMS) – Clients can edit content if they wish
  • Foundation – Framework, basis for sizing and other building blocks
  • Responsive Images and media for fast loading
  • Progressive Enhancement as well as graceful degradation – fall backs for older systems
  • Performance focused – an emphasis or load speeds
  • SASS – industry standard extension language for quick altering of styling
  • Personal support
  • Security and backups
  • Analytics – Site metrics
  • Modern techniques – for future proofed code
  • Documented Code – for future editing
  • Social Integration – for any needs
  • seo key words for search


  • Consultation – references, styles, priorities
  • Wireframe designs – quick ideas for multiple sizes
  • PSD development – photoshop design for full look and styling of all templates
  • Coding – testing across various browsers and sizes for speed and stability
  • Refinement – to finish off the site to the highest possible standard
  • On going support & development – new ideas, new standards or anything else needed

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