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Below is a list of the talented musicians and bands that licensed their music to our show.  The WINERAM Experience has a great mix of musicians where as the season WINERAM Australia not only has talented musicians but is made up of all Australian artists that came together to support this show while we were filming in their home country.  Feel free to check out their music, listen and support them by buying their albums if you find you like a song from one of the episodes.

The WINERAM Experience Featured Music

Kotki Dwa


Sine Star Project

Blue Basement
(no website)


Karl Hendricks Trio

Kids in Cars

The Move-Ons

Butler Williams

Jenny Mayhem

WINERAM Australia Featured Music

The Young Art

Band of Frequencies

Cider Tree Kids

Christian Patey

Jeffry’s Cabbage

Gypsies and Gentlemen

Sunday Chairs

Sophia Walters

Melissa Laveaux

Ayla Nereo

(No website)

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