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Colin West

Executive Producer/Presenter
WINERAM is a relatively young company with an equally young and energetic entrepreneur behind the name, Colin West! Colin first got into the wine industry at the young age of 18, yet being from the USA it was illegal for him to pursue his passion, so he flew to Italy. After deciding the wine industry would be the one and only career path for himself, he studied wine in Italy, finished up my two business degrees while focusing on wine back in the USA, and then he even did his Masters Degree in Wine Business in Australia. At that point he knew he had found his calling with an area that he could use his business experience in, yet that also included an industry full of passion, history, and even art and science.

Colin ended up doing some work within the Wine Tourism departments for the Winemakers Federation of Australia. This led to thinking highly about those experiences one has in the wine region; which now, WINERAM conveys it perfectly! Colin has grown the business to success significantly; with no previous experience in film; over the last 3 years he let his passion of wine take him to creating “the most highly viewed wine TV show in the world.


Rupert Critchley

Director of Photography & Editor

Growing up in the United Kingdom and Australia, Rupert has a similar passion and appreciation of travel just as Colin does.  Rupert has exceptional knowledge in filming and the passion for travel needed in order to be an important part of WINERAM.  Since graduating with a degree in Film and Television from South Kent College in the UK he has gone on to work on a wide variety of different projects from large scale Steven Spielberg production in Australia to small scale extreme sports/snowboarding films for DC in New Zealand.

Rupert has been around since the beginning, sharing beers in a bar in Queenstown talking about the concept with Colin all the way through to doing 2 seasons, helping manage promotional videos as the business has grown and coming on the WINERAM USA’s third season.

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