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Rupert Critchley

Co Director and Camera Operator
The only one at Colin’s side throughout all 8 episodes of WINERAM Australia, Rupert’s second production on WINERAM has really shown his dedication to the project and to the company.  He came on board still passionate about building this company even further.  Taking on his roll within the production again, Rupert also began managing media while on location and ensuring everything was well organized, logged and prepared for the editors.   As WINERAM moves forward, Rupert’s role as the company’s core cinematographer has become increasingly more significant. The skill set and dedication he has contributed over the years continue to shine through with each new production.


Colin West 

Executive Producer & Co – Director

As WINERAM has evolved, Colin has taken on various other roles and relinquished more and more responsibility of the business and production side to his supporting staff.  At the beginning of WINERAM Australia, Colin hit the road with his two supporting crew and barely any money. He produced the entire series on the road, raising close to $50K AUD on the go in addition to countless amounts of contra support, without which the production would not have been possible.  Later in the series he began switching his energy more and more to writing and scripting the series as well as directing and developing treatments for the crew.


Casey Grant

Co Director and Director of Photography

One of the only two supporting crew there throughout the entire first 6 episodes, Casey Grant is a homegrown local from the same township of Olympia, WA where Executive Producer Colin West comes from. The two met back in Olympia after the New Zealand production due to their similar interests in the world of film.  Casey was running a professional photography business, one that Colin followed for months prior to meeting Casey.  Casey’s understanding of composition, lighting, and overall photography made him an excellent Director of Photography for this Australia series.  Working alongside Rupert Critchley led to an unstoppable combination that boosted the production value of WINERAM Australia heaps.


Jo Melling


“SUPERSTAR” as she has described herself for this role, Jo came on board to assist in the production of Episode 5.  This was the episode where there was the larger celebrity talent, Matt Moran (from the show Masterchef) and therefore Colin brought Jo on board for quality control.  Jo is experienced in her own successful Sydney-based Production Company “CANDID Projects”.  She is regularly producing documentary-series and other branded content, some work examples include the “Long Way Around” as well as a documentary-series for National Geographic and also doing work for MTV frequently.  Colin and Jo continuously talk and collaborate today.


Fazz Farrell


Fazz came into WINERAM initially through the production of VINTAGE; our feature documentary film premiering in the year-end 2014.  In VINTAGE, Fazz was shooting and helping manage sound as well as media in a conjoined effort; yet here we had a much larger crew on Episode 5 so he joined us in Kangaroo Island just outside of his hometown of Adelaide to help manage sound.


Elisha Rashleigh

Production Assistant

Elisha is the production assistant that works for Candid Projects with Jo Melling.  She came down for Episode 5 and supported many tasks in both pre production and on location in Kangaroo Island.  Definitely another superstar from the Candid team!


Steve Hussey

Second Camera Operator

An Adelaide based Camera Operator who studied media in 2012 after making a switch of industries he now specializes in shooting documentaries and working on news productions. He was the second camera operator for Episodes 7 and 8 of WINERAM Productions.


Rebecca Whitehead

Production Assistant

Rebecca is talented on the business end of the film industry assisting WINERAM with developing partnerships on the road but most importantly being the location’s production assistant ensuring they had the basis for survival while working around the clock. She is based in Tasmania.

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