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Rupert Critchley

Co Director and Camera Operator
The only one at Colin’s side throughout all 8 episodes of WINERAM Australia, Rupert’s second production on WINERAM has really shown his dedication to the project and to the company.  He came on board still passionate about building this company even further.  Taking on his roll within the production again, Rupert also began managing media while on location and ensuring everything was well organized, logged and prepared for the editors.   As WINERAM moves forward, Rupert’s role as the company’s core cinematographer has become increasingly more significant. The skill set and dedication he has contributed over the years continue to shine through with each new production.


Colin West 

Executive Producer & Co – Director

As WINERAM has evolved, Colin has taken on various other roles and relinquished more and more responsibility of the business and production side to his supporting staff.  At the beginning of WINERAM Australia, Colin hit the road with his two supporting crew and barely any money. He produced the entire series on the road, raising close to $50K AUD on the go in addition to countless amounts of contra support, without which the production would not have been possible.  Later in the series he began switching his energy more and more to writing and scripting the series as well as directing and developing treatments for the crew.

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