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Colin West, Founder & Producer/Presenter

WINERAM is a relatively young company with an equally young and energetic entrepreneur behind the name, that guy is me, Colin West!  I first got into the wine industry at the young age of 18, yet being from the USA it was illegal for me to pursue my passion, so I flew to Italy.  After deciding the wine industry would be the one and only career path for myself, I enrolled in a wine course in Tuscany where I studied underneath Diletta Frescobaldi of the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi wine family. Since this experience with the Frescobaldi family in Italy, I knew I had found my calling with an area that I could use my business experience in, yet that also included an industry full of passion, history, and even art and science.

I finished two undergraduate degrees from Washington State University, one in International Business and another in Marketing. Following this I decided to obtain my Masters Degree in Wine Business from the University of Adelaide.  During the time I was completing these three degrees I also traveled the world and over the past six and a half years I have worked and lived within the wine industry in 5 different countries.  In the end, the biggest passions that resonate within me are being able to work with wine, and travel while doing it!

Experiences & Positions Outside WINERAM – Highlights

  • Maitre’ D & Sommelier & Gantleys Restaurant, Queenstown New Zealand
  • Restaurant Manager & Sommelier at No. 5 Church Lane, Queenstown, New Zealand.
  • Wine Specialist at, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Wine Tourism Contractor at Winemakers’ Federation of Australia, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Researcher for Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Winery Business Manager at Murdock Wines, Barossa Valley, Australia.
  • Cellar Door Supervisor at K1 by Geoff Hardy, Adelaide Hills, Australia.
  • Private Web Developer in Olympia, Washington, USA.
  • Sommelier at Rockcastle Cafe, Rome, Italy.
  • Sommelier at Universal Wine Bar, Adelaide, Australia.

Rupert Critchley, Director of Photography & Editor

Growing up in the United Kingdom and Australia, Rupert has a similar passion and appreciation of travel just as I do. In order to make WINERAM a reality I had to study and learn as much as possible about filming, editing, and filmmaking.  Luckily enough I met Rupert who is much more talented in this area. Rupert has exceptional knowledge in filming and the passion for travel needed in order to be an important part of WINERAM.  Since graduating with a degree in Film and Television from South Kent College in the UK he has gone on to work on a wide variety of different projects.
Experiences & Positions Outside WINERAM – Highlights
  • Lighting/Electrics/Rigging at Terra Nova, Gold Coast, Australia
  • Creative Director & Editor at Red Level Films, Canterbury, Kent, UK
  • Stage Hand at Stealth, Queensland, Australia
  • Director & Editor at Further Productions, Canterbury, Kent, UK
  • Runner at BBC, London, UK
  • Graphic Designer at Paul Robinson Studios, Kent, UK

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