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nz sustainable because short film

This is a documentary – short about the reasons that some of the top viticulturists and winegrowers around New Zealand have decided to farm their vineyards sustainably. Many of these growers range from being certified sustainable, organic and biodynamic yet they all influence the positive movement going on in this absolutely beautiful country.


la vendemmia short film

La Vendemmia means “Harvest” or “Vintage” in English. But what it means to the Italians in every corner of their country is something else. La Vendemmia is full of culture, history, people, terroir, festa and much more. Check out this short documentary to get a great insight into the Italian wine industry and hear some of Italy’s top producers as they describe what La Vendemmia is all about for them.



We did this it needs a write up.

Long Shadows Vintners is a winery based out of Woodinville, WA with vineyards they access all over the state. Not only do they take advantage of some of the best fruit in the state of Washington – they also bring in some of the best winemakers from around the world to allow them to take a stab at producing something similar to the winemakers’ international flagship wines – yet this time doing a wine of a similar style with WASHINGTON fruit.
This is Long Shadows Vintners. An accumulation of wines from the worlds best winemakers using Washington’s top fruit!
Clip provided by WINERAM Productions as a preview and a sneak peak into their episode of the TV Show UNCORKED.

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