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Dudley Wines – A Premier Kangaroo Island Winery

Dudley Wines is a winery located on Kangaroo Island (KI) in South Australia just outside of the capitol city of Adelaide. Only a short ferry ride away Kangaroo Island houses Dudley Wines owned by the Howard Family. Near by KI hosts many other wineries to visit along with vast wildlife and adventure experiences.
This documentary-short on their family gives some insight into the Howard Family and the passion they have for their number one family project and business: DUDLEY WINES. This winery produces a great range of wines that are perfectly matched to the climate and terroir on KI, their cellar door rightfully boasts some of the best pizzas on the island and if your lucky and the family likes you – you may be lucky enough to get a tour around their greater property to see some of the most spectacular sights on the island not usually open to the public.

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