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The WINERAM Experience is a 6 part web series and 2 part TV documentary that is currently in post production stages of editing, sales and distribution. The goal of this series is to open up the idea of wine to those people that felt it was once out of reach or believed in it’s falsely pretentious stereotypes. Once quoted that we are “taking the bullshit out of wine”, The WINERAM Experience will show you what wine is really about, and the great people involved in it.
We start in the most southern vines in the world of Queenstown, New Zealand and work our way north through the country’s top tourism destinations, checking out the amazingly beautiful natural beauty along the way, and getting involved in the great adventure sports and outdoors activities. The twist? All of this is located within and around the country’s best wine regions that drive our presenters Colin West and Jo Holley through the country.

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