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Wine Speak: Decoding the Overused and the Misunderstood

Great write up from one of WINERAM’s friends and talented wine writer Katie Delaney!

Wine Speak: Decoding the Overused and the Misunderstood


sommeliers, are arrogant. The term “wine snob” is thrown around loosely. One of the main reasons for this stigma is undoubtedly the way that wine professionals choose to, and have been taught to, describe wines. We are verbose. Instead of just saying a wine is acidic, one might err towards an adjective like austere or linear, to give his or her colleagues a more specific idea of what that acidity is like in that particular wine. To a guest at a restaurant or the curious stranger, this can sound utterly ridiculous. Today, I will present to you a few of the wine terms that I have found to be the most overused and misused – and hopefully give you a clearer idea of what they actually mean.

The holy grail of them all. . .TERROIR 

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